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Moray Laser

 Dealer price FOR Moray Laser

 $ 49.00

 MAP  Minimum Advertised Price

 $ 99.95

The dealer price for the Moray Laser includes a set of spare O-rings and a container of O-ring grease. It does not include batteries.  The Moray Laser uses two AA penlight batteries.

Air Buddy

The Air Buddy AB-911 is discontinued. The AB-2000 is replaced by the AB-XL.

The AB-2000 can be identified by the presence of a colored nylon ring around the mouthpiece segment as seen in the sample at the right. The color of the ring may vary.  It is not a working component but an identifier for company use.

The AB-XL has no nylon ring and looks like the sample on the left.

Any AB-911 or AB-2000 can be upgraded to become an AB-XL

The practical difference is that the AB-911 provides just enough air to allow a diver who is within sport diving depths and under no stress at all  to breathe.  The AB-2000 provided enough air at any sport scuba depth for a diver who may be carrying something and might be tired or swimming against a current. The AB-XL has the same air delivery characteristics as the AB-2000 and is also Nitrox compatible.

 Air Buddy AB-XL (shown above)  by itself, ready to mount on any of our adapters

 $ 30.00

 Dealer price for upgrade service for  AB-911 and the  AB-2000 to AB-XL 

$ 16.00


Air Buddy AB-XL Octo

The AB-XL Octo comes with a low pressure octopus hose ready to screw into the low pressure port of any standard 1st stage regulator

 Dealer Price for AB-XL Octo

 $ 49.00

Air Buddy AB-XL BCD

The AB-2000 BCD comes with all hardware, ready to insert between the quick connect fitting on the downstream end of the low pressure hose and the upstream end of the power inflator module on any standard BCD.  It will not fit the ScubaPro and other BCD's that use an oversize quick connect fitting. Except for removing the schraeder valve from the downstream end of the low pressure hose, no tools are required for assembly.

Dealer Price for Air Buddy AB-XL BCD


Air Buddy AB-XL Pony

The AB-XL Pony comes with all hardware needed to adapt a standard 1st stage regulator to be placed on a scuba cylinder valve to convert it into a pony bottle.  This is especially convenient for a 6 or 13 cu.ft. bottle. It comes with a swivel adapter to screw into a standard low pressure port on a standard 1st stage regulator and an overpressure safety valve to protect the diver from a malfunction of the 1st stage regulator leaking high pressure air.



NOTE: The illustration on the left shows the Pony set mounted on a 1st stage regulator.  This is for illustration only.  The regulator is not part of the set.

 Dealer price for Air Buddy AB-XL Pony


Power Beacon

The Power  Beacon is the largest, brightest and mos versatile hand held, solid state beacon made, in unusual features found nowhere else.

The control knob allows the diver to select either steady on to use as a torch, bright enough for a back-up light, or flashing to use as a signal.  It comes with a heavy duty wrist strap. 

It comes with batteries in a choice of red, green, yellow or white.

 Dealer price for Power Beacon


Air Buddy Whistle

This is the loudest (mouth blown)  whistle in the world.

It can be heard up to 1/4 mile away.  It can be blown using the air coming from an Air Buddy mouthpiece.  It can be used above and below the water.

 Dealer price for Air Buddy Whistle

 $ 6.50

Turtle Shell Case

The finest waterproof and air proof equipment case made today. We will stack it up against any other case on the market.  It has full foam that is pre-cut into small squares that may be plucked out to fit equipment.

It has two built in locks with keys. It has for lock-downs for super strength (not just two) with leveraged easy open hinges, and a fold down padded handle. Look at our website for all the details.  

 Turtle Shell Case

 Minimum order of 7 cases at $118.70 each

For product details

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NuPro Camera NOTE: We have run out of this model, except for a handful still on the shelf. Watch for the new model to be announced soon.

 Dealer price for NuPro camera kit

 $ 125.00

 MAP  Minimum Advertised Price

 $ 169.95.95

For item details see the website atNupro camera kit